Are you tired of not making it through the tennis season or having to pull out of a PB tournament last minute. Lets change this for good with Rally services!

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Physical Therapy

Tennis performance training

Wellness Services

Acute injury or chronic pain Rally Physical Therapy will have you healed in no time with 7+ years of orthopedic experience. At Rally, we believe in the power of touch and use several different hands on approaches to have you feeling and playing your best.

Learn from a Certified Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS) on how to train your body the most effectively to see REAL results on the court.

Joint stiffness and/or muscles aches are treated with Rally's wellness services. Rally takes the time to know where to focus to have you leaving feeling 100%.

Morgan Guernsey


Dr. Morgan created Rally physical therapy to cater to her friends in the Tulsa tennis community. She grew tired of hearing how tennis players were unable to play their favorite sport due to pain or injury. She wanted tennis players to have direct access to a medical profession to provide the treatment, education, knowledge and compassion that this population deserves to stay on the court!

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Rally PT has options if you wish to have a one on one experience, group fitness, or wanting to get more involved with the Tulsa Tennis or PB community

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Therapeutic Exercise


Men's Hands Do a Therapeutic Neck Massage for a Girl Lying on a Massage Couch in a Massage Spa.

Starts with a detailed conversation over your symptoms and goals with Rally services. Then we do a thorough full body examination, so we can discover muscle imbalances, muscle inhibitions, and mobility challenges. Finally we come up with a detailed plan on how to achieve your wellness goals.

At Rally we use several different styles of exercises including strength training, yoga stretches, mobility drills to have you load your tissue and muscles in specific ways to improve your overall movement.

Manual Therapy

We use a variety of hands on approaches including join mobilizations, dry needling, soft tissue release and mobilization, assisted stretching, cupping, and IASTM to ensure you will leave feeling better than when you walked in the door

Tennis and PB performance

We take into account the style of player you are along with overall physical condition. We devise a specific strength and conditioning program that incorporates strength, power, flexibility, mobility, footwork, balance, injury prevention, and tennis specific movements. Watch your game transform with tennis performance training.


Hyperice Products

Anyone else love a good heat and e-stim session? If you play hard you should learn how to recover properly to keep you playing at the top level. Come use the leading recovery technology of Hyperice products at the clinic to have your muscles and joints feeling brand new.

Our goal is for you to be able to manage your symptoms independently. We spend quality time going over your home exercise program, devices that can be helpful, and tips for every day activities that can make a meaningful impact on your symptoms and physical performance.


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